That got your attention. Sex.

Sex sells. The very word draws you in. Ad Executives the world over realise its power within their effective marketing campaigns, whether they are selling cartons of milk, beans, expensive cars or luscious, fruitfully delicious Cisco brand Strawberry wine.

Take cartons of milk (no really…we’ll only have to throw them away in a few days if you don’t). Unless poured slowly over the pert breasts and firm body of nubile sex goddesses, milk is a fairly unsexy commodity. So how do the Ad Executives get you to purchase. Through the careful placement of the smiling face of Wendy (aged 17, missing from Delaware since May 21st).

Her pretty face staring out at you, the contours of her body beneath that highschool sweater, the beads of moisture slowly dripping down the outside of the carton.

You want to buy milk. You want it so bad.

Here at Forklifts Unlimited, we’re here to help you. Through our ten step programme we can wein you off your addition to sex. It is not a claim we make lightly. Let us help you, you deserve it.

Seamus C. Mhaille
Ad Executive, Forklifts Unlimited


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